Sep 27, 2011

Unique Anniversary Gifts – For Him

So you’ve been married for a while and yet another anniversary is coming up. Buying a gift for you is easy. As a woman you’re always happy with a delicate piece of jewellery, an evening out or just some beautiful long-stemmed roses. But the anniversary is not just about you – it’s about the man who makes you happy every day, and letting him know you don’t take him for granted, and you are eternally grateful for his presence beside you.

But it’s not that simple. No matter how well you know your partner or your hubby, getting a bloke the perfect gift is always a tall order. While beer or spirits is always great for a guy who isn’t your special someone, an occasion like this really requires something more intimate – something that shows him how much he means to you, or how much you know about him. It’s thinking cap time! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Be selfless
While you might want a romantic night in or out with your partner for your anniversary gift, one of the best gifts you can give him is a night apart! When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it is not uncommon for fun nights out with the boys or the girls in your case to become few and far between. As your perfect anniversary gift, give your hubby the night off to enjoy some time with the boys!

2. Get naughty
Give him a gift that will stay in his mind—and distract him, for days, even months to come! Lingerie is a favourite gift from men to women – and why? Because they like to see women in it! If the best way to your partner’s heart is through...the bedroom, think about going a little naughty and risqué in your gift. Spice up your sex life with
sex toys that will take both of your pleasure factors to a whole new level!

3. Pamper
We love a massage. Or a manicure. Or a good hair treatment. The funny thing is – a lot of men, though they hate to admit it, also love the opportunity to be pampered and feel completely relaxed. Instead of sending him out somewhere, get him a pamper
gift basket, and then be his masseuse yourself.

4. Gourmet food
All men love amazing food – and often, they even love, not so amazing food. Get to his heart, through his stomach with food that will blow his mind. Think about your partner and what his favourite food is and treat him. Either cook yourself or take him to a restaurant that serves food so good it will leave his jaw aching in pleasure.

5. Experience
Sometimes the best thing to bond over is an experience that scares the pants off you. For this year’s anniversary, why not jump out of a plane, dive off a bridge or scale down a rock face. An extreme experience will be something that he will never forget, and a gift that the two of you can share.

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