Mar 10, 2013

10 Causes Why You Have Trouble to Sleep and Tips to Correct Them

You need adequate rest every day. The lack of sleep continuously would affect badly to your health. If you have trouble to sleep well almost every night, don’t neglect this issue.  Find out the most possible reason and try to fix it. This article that discusses about 10 of the most common causes and how to handle them would be a helpful reference.
1.Too much light in your room.
The experts said that when you’re trying to sleep, you shouldn’t allow any annoying light in the bedroom, particularly light that came out of electronic devices. Any light in your bedroom may disturb your sleep as your brain will think it’s already time to get up. Moreover, the light exposure to your eyes will decrease the production of melatonin, a required hormone to induce sleepiness and cooler body temperature.

2. Too late working out
Having exercise between three hours to your bedtime will over-accelerate your body metabolism and increase the heart rate. You’ll be hard to fall asleep and you’ll wake up repeatedly along the night. Working out regularly may help you to have better sleep as long as you do it in the morning or in the afternoon.

3.Drinking alcohol before bedtime
Many people consider alcohol as a sleep stimulator; which is totally incorrect. Taking alcohol will hold back the REM sleep –you’ll feel more exhausted when you wake up in the morning. The sleepy reaction you get after drinking alcohol is just a temporary outcome.

4.Bedroom temperature isn’t cool enough
When you sleep, your body and brain need to cool down. Too warm bedroom may prevent the cooling process. You may use a fan or air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable; but don’t get too chilly either.  To have cooler and better sleep, there is another way that you should consider. Using Cool-jams functional products like moisture wicking pajamas, cooling sheets and cool mattress toppers is really worth to try!

5. Drinking coffee too late
Caffeine in your blood will make you awake longer in the night. So, keep away from having coffee near your bedtime. It’s said that the effect of caffeine in your system will last for 10 hours. Drink your coffee early!

6.Clock seeing habit
Unfortunately, I have this habit. When I awake in the night, the first thing that I often do is looking at the wall clock. Don’t you know that the regularly clockwatch may give the wrong instruction to your Circadian rhythms? It will only cause you to awaken at exactly 3:15 every night. So, to stop this useless habit, you can easily remove the clock from your sight!

7.Watching TV from your bed
Watching TV before going to sleep can be fun, but in fact, it will make you harder to rest well.  This habit will encourage your brain activity and the TV light informs your brain to stay awake.

8.Thinking big problems during the night
Try to avoid reminding your serious problems while you’re on bed. When you wake up at night, you may think peaceful things that will help you to sleep again.

9. Consuming protein near bedtime
Don’t eat protein if you feel hungry late at night. Your digestive system will work harder to process the protein –you’ll be hard to sleep. The suggested food that you may take is a light carbohydrate snack.

10.Smoking before going to bed
If you think smoking before bedtime will help you to relax, you’re totally wrong. The nicotine in your body system will stimulate you to refresh and awake quite a few times all through night.  

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