Mar 3, 2013

Another Beauty in Wildness

The plant grows wild in our front yard. I let it since the flowers are pretty. Each fully bloom has two parts- the orange lower part and the small yellow flower that comes out from its lower part. Can anyone help me identifying this plant?
The orange lines make this small yellow flower looks impressive. Ants love this flower :)
The orange lower part of a flower

5 komentar:

Indrani March 03, 2013  

Very unique and attractive!
I have no idea about the name.

Carver March 04, 2013  

Beautiful flowers. I like flowers that grow wild the best.

Pradeepa March 04, 2013  

Wow, that's a beautiful flower. I have never seen it before. Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me.

DeniseinVA March 06, 2013  

Thank you for sharing these great macro's. The ants are so clear and sharp on this pretty flower.

DeniseinVA March 07, 2013  

Gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing :)

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