Mar 1, 2013

Are You Looking for a Reputable Montreal Dentist?

When my husband and I passed by a nearest hospital yesterday, I noticed that there are already orthodontists at the hospital. I was glad to know this since we don’t need going far if we would like to visit an orthodontist one day.  I ever heard a cousin -who lives in the same city- planned to look for a reliable orthodontist as her son suffers dental irregularities.  I’d like to help her with the useful recommendation but I still don’t know how good the orthodontic treatments that offered by the dentist.

Otherwise, people in Montreal Canada don’t need to search for anymore to find a reputable and broadly skilled montreal dentist like John A. Petruccelli, DMD, FAGD who’s capable to offer comprehensive and finest dental solution to every patient. He’s a kind of dentist that you’d like to choose since he has expertise in every aspect of modern dentistry –general, cosmetic and orthodontic.

Recently I chatted with a friend who lives in Michigan, USA with her husband and daughter.  She informed me that her husband got a new career position in Montreal, Canada. She planned to also move to Montreal in few months ahead as she didn’t want to be separated from her husband. I agreed to her decision; if it’s possible, a family should stick together.  

My friend also told me about her daughter’s improper bites. She would like to take her daughter to see an orthodontist as soon as possible to get the proper treatment. Since she would move to a new place, she had to postpone it; but she still didn’t know where to go in Montreal. Fortunately, I was able to help her with useful recommendation. I suggested her to take her daughter to Petrucelli Dental; a dependable place to treat all possible dental needs. She may get the latest advances in dental treatments like invisalign montreal, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, cosmetic fillings and many other services.  My friend was very thankful as she already knew where to go!

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