Mar 4, 2013

Zoloft Weight Loss – How to Manage Weight

Antidepressants can have a wide range of side effects on the human body. One medication which falls under the category of antidepressants is Zoloft. The side effects of this medication can range from simple to complex and some of them are:

·         Intimate problems with your partner
·         Drowsiness
·         Disturbance in normal sleep rhythms
·         Feeling of fatigue
·         Skin tenderness
·         Changes in appetite and
·         Weight gain or weight loss

When you talk about the last symptom, it becomes important for the patient to keep his or her weight under check while on Zoloft. In fact, there have been cases of patients who sink into further depression because they have put on weight while they were on anti-depressant medication. Therefore, it becomes important to consider Zoloft weight loss regime as well.

Start with watching your weight carefully

Weight gain is one of the rarer side effects of Zoloft but this can be verified by keeping watch on the weighing scales and confirming that weight gain is indeed taking place. After this, there are a few things that a patient can do and it is highly recommended that the patient starts with consulting the doctor on what needs to be done.

Dealing with the medication

Your doctor can tell you whether it is possible to treat your health condition with a lower dosage. Depending on the health condition, the doctor will prescribe different dosages and it should be his professional assessment whether this quantity can be reduced in order to keep weight under check.

Dealing with food
While you are on Zoloft, pay even closer attention to the food you eat. This will have two benefits. One is that you can control portions and the type of food you eat to reduce calorie intake. Second, you can also eat foods that will help you enjoy a healthier and happier frame of mind. Thus, you could eliminate processed foods, tinned foods and high-sugar beverages. You could instead eat more of fresh fruit, vegetables and home made food.

Dealing with exercise

Exercise – in whatever form – is great for the body even in normal circumstances. It becomes even more important if you are under Zoloft medication. Someone once said, “Sometimes depression is nothing but a body crying out for work.” This is true to a large extent. Therefore, working out every day for 30 minutes or so will help Zoloft weight loss as well as help the body enjoy a better frame of mind too.

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