Mar 8, 2013

Sky Watch: Yesterday Sunset

After gray sunsets for days, I saw colorful sunset yesterday.  Captured from our home balcony.
  Sky Watch Friday

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Anonymous March 08, 2013  

How vibrant and colourful!

Misty March 08, 2013  

This is gorgeous! Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Leovi March 08, 2013  

Beautiful views. I like that sky of warm pinkish color.

HansHB March 08, 2013  

Lovely colours in your sky!
Happy 8th of March to you!

DrillerAA March 08, 2013  

Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite Skywatch subjects. There are often great clouds during the day to photograph, but nothing beats the colors at the beginning or end of the day.

Carver March 08, 2013  

That's a stunning sky.

Laloofah March 08, 2013  

Well, a sky like that can make up for a lot of gray days! It's a beauty!

Unknown March 08, 2013  

It's so beautiful... I love the red-orange colors!

thomas March 08, 2013  

A colorful sunset makes the day.

eileeninmd March 09, 2013  

Gorgeous and colorful sky! What a beautiful end to your day, lovely photos! Happy Skywatching!

Rajesh March 09, 2013  

Gorgeous sunset.

Serline March 09, 2013  

Charming colors! Have a lovely weekend!

SandyCarlson March 11, 2013  

That's a beautiful view from home!

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