Mar 3, 2013

Various PMI Certifications Program for Project Management Professionals

Those who are working in the area of Project Management will find lots of benefits by getting certification from PMI. PMI which is a shorter version of Project Management Institute conducts a number of certification programs for the project professionals, which will help them to further progress in their career. Currently PMI is offering 6 different types of certification programs for project professionals.

In order to enter into any of the six certification programs you have to meet the professional as well as educational requirements for the certification program. Once you can clear the any of the certification program conducted by PMI Exam, then various companies will recognize your potential in managing any kind of project.

Following are the six different certification programs that are offered by PMI:
1.    Certified Associate in the area of Project Management  known as CAPM
2.    Program Management Professional  popularly called PgMP
3.    Project Management Professional termed as a PMP
4.    Risk management Professional called PMI-RMP
5.    Agile Certified Practitioner represents PMI ACP Exam
6.    PMI Scheduling Professional known as PMI-SP

Let us try to understand each certification program briefly :

This program is meant for those, who have a certain role to play in the execution of the project. It is however not necessary that these professionals will play a leadership role in the management of the project. A candidate who wants to qualify for this program must have at least   1500 hours of work experience and must have secondary diploma as a qualification.

Professionals who are expected to manage any single or multiple projects are eligible for this certification program. The person must have four years bachelor degree with the same amount of project and program management experience. Also, the person with secondary diploma may join this program, but they must possess in addition to 4 years experience in project management, about 7 years experience in program management.

This program is meant for those, who are eventually responsible for the project. The person must have four years of bachelor degree along with 3 years of experience in project management, Secondary diploma qualified people must have 5 years experience of project management.

Those who are interested to enter into a risk management area of the project may join this program. The person must have four year bachelor degree along with 3000 hours of work experience in risk management activities. The person with secondary diploma must have 4500 hours of risk management experience in their credit.

This is a new program launched by PMI and is meant for those, who are having experience of working with the team of agile management. In order to qualify for this certification program the candidate must have at least 2000 hours experience of project management.  Such experience must be acquired during last 5 years.

This program is meant for those, who want to take up their specialist role of project scheduling and monitoring activities. The person eligible for this program must have 4 year bachelor degree along with 3500 hours of experience in this field. Even a secondary diploma candidate can join this program provided he is possessing 5000 hours experience in project scheduling.  

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