Mar 26, 2013

About ISACA Certification

ISACA is a nonprofit global organization that develops, adopts and uses globally-accepted and industry-leading practices and knowledge for information systems. ISACA used to stand for Information Systems Audit and Control, but now it just goes by its acronym, to reflect on how broad the range of IT governance professionals covers.

Brief History of ISACA

They were first formed in 1969 by a small group of individuals who learned that a centralized source of information and guidance in auditing controls for computer systems was needed. Today, ISACA has over 100,000 members all over the world, and prides on this number due to their diversity. All their members work in a variety of different IT related professions, including IS auditor, consultant, educator, IS security professional, regulator, chief information officer, and internal auditor. Not only that, they work in different industries, including banking, public accounting, the government and public sector, and even utilities and manufacturing.

This diversity is what ISACA considers as its strength, as this diversity is what makes it possible for everyone in ISACA CGEIT Exam to learn from each other, exchanging different viewpoints on professional topics. This kind of strength is prided so much by ISACA that it has its own chapter network. With over 190 different chapters established in over 75 countries, ISACA is able to provide a number of services through these chapters, including education, resource sharing, advocacy, CISA Exam professional networking and more, worldwide.

Getting certified with ISACA

ISACA is a group that helps fellow IT professionals in their field. One of the ways they do this is by offering certification programs. These programs help the IT professional get recognized for their skills and knowledge in their field. ISACA certifications are recognized and accepted by the whole world, combining the achievement of passing an exam together with credit for the work you have done and the educational experience you received. All this gives you the credibility you need to move up in the career ladder. Having a certification also helps you land a job, too, as ISACA certifications are rated among the highest paying certifications an IT professional can earn. This means that getting certified with ISACA will boost your earning potential, will count in the hiring process, and will overall enhance your credibility and recognition as a professional. Thanks to ISACA, not only will you be able to advance your career, it will look great on your resume, as well, making it possible for you to work with the company you always wanted to work with.

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