Mar 21, 2013

Carpet Cleaning In Santa Monica –Various Methods and Equipment

Carpet cleaning is a high-tech science! Sure, you can clean your carpet with the help of a good quality carpet shampoo and your vacuum cleaner but if you want it truly allergen free and as good as new then you need to call in the professionals. Not all carpets are made equal and therefore, a professional will assess the methods of cleaning and the equipment or products that he needs to use depending on a few factors such as:
  • The material of your carpet
  • The depth of the pile of your carpet
  • The number of people staying in the house because that will determine the footfall on  the carpet
  • Pets if any and
  • If any person in the house has asthma or dust allergies and so on
As you can see, carpet cleaning is indeed a fine art! It is therefore completely worth it to look for services pertaining to carpet cleaning in Santa Monica if you are a resident of this wonderful place.

Methods of carpet cleaning and the equipment needed

One of the most popular methods to clean the carpet is what is known as steam cleaning. Here a cleaning solution is applied or sprayed on the carpet and most of the times it is done with a high pressure spray which ensures that the cleaning solution reaches right into the deepest surface of the carpet. After a bit, a high-pressure vacuum is applied to the carpet. This vacuum cleans the carpet of various things such as:

·         Animal dander
·         Toxins
·         Dust
·         Dirt and so on

Other popular methods are the use of special carpet shampoos and dry cleaning. When a carpet shampoo is applied, it will need a special rotary brush which generates the shampoo foam that cleans the carpet. The foam is then washed away or vacuumed up with a high-power vacuum.

Dry cleaning, as the term denotes, uses the application of certain chemical-based products which breaks down all the dirt and other undesirables in the carpet. Here again a specialized machine which is sometimes called a bonnet machine or a rotary machine is then used to pick up or clean away all the dust and product buildup in the carpet.

A professional firm involved in carpet cleaning in Santa Monica will also have the necessary expertise to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods and more importantly where and how they can be applied. There may also be specialized machines that will need to be deployed if there are specific stains on the carpet.

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