Mar 27, 2013

8 Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Pet Dog and Keep Him Healthy

Taking care of your pampered pet dog and giving him some tender TLC can be quite a hefty task, even if your dear dog doesn’t realize it. Believe it or not, keeping a pet healthy and happy requires some upkeep, so if you are not a responsible chap, get a pet from a dyrehandler and he’ll turn you into one. For people who absolutely love their pets and want them to stay healthy, happy and pleased, here are some tips:
1.Get Proper Dog Food
Make sure you are giving your dog the right pet food. While a soft and mushy treat or table leftovers are good once in a while, they are not proper food for a dog. In order to keep the big fellow healthy, you should get the appropriate dry dog food that is available in the market.
2.Provide Clean Water
Provide your dog with fresh and clean water all the time, no matter how much inconvenience it causes you! Kept water can easily get polluted, mixing in with chemicals found in the environment. This can make your dog drink unhealthy toxic water, making him ill.
3.Take Him to a Vet
Health maintenance of your pet requires you to take him to a vet regularly. You have to keep up with his shots, medications, and treatments if you don’t want him, or yourself to get severely sick due to any harmful bacteria.
4.Exercise with Him
Sitting and eating can make your dog a lazy, fat guy. Make sure you take him out to exercise regularly, keeping him active and smart. If you give him some slack when it comes to exercise, he will pay you back by becoming a destructive nag.
5.Keep Him Clean
Even if your dog runs a mile when it is shower time, make sure you bathe him quite regularly. That bushy, hairy mane can be home to bacteria, especially if your dog loves rolling around in dirt. If your dog gives you too much trouble during a bath, you can also get an automatic dog washer, leash your dog to it and voila; you will have a clean, conditioned and shining dog in no time!
6.Use a Brush
Even if you and your dog are not in the mood for a dog bathe, you should always brush his coat regularly. A dirty, matted or tangled coat is not only unhealthy but also uncomfortable for the dog, making him cranky and foul.
7.Train Him
Make sure to train your dog for some basic commands; he will surely love it! Following a few simple commands like sit, jump and stop, and learning a few tricks like chasing balls or guarding kids can be good for your dog, making him an adorable little thing in front of others!
8.Keep an Eye on the Teeth and the Toenails
Make sure the nails of your dog are trimmed if you don’t want your walls scratched or your pillows ripped! Grown nails can be dangerous for you or the dog itself too. If you can’t do it yourself, your vet can do the job. You should also pay attention to his dental health, brushing his teeth regularly and getting the vet to examine them from time to time.

Remember, your dog is a careless fellow who won’t likely be telling you when he is doing something unhealthy. So, it is entirely your job to ensure that he doesn’t go rolling around in dead fish, coming home with a bunch of germs. Keep your dog nice, clean and healthy so that you and your family can stay healthy too.

Author’s Bio : The author is a professional blogger who loves keeping pets. The author has 4 pet dogs at his home, and loves to take care of them. The author frequently writes about pets and pet-related issues so that readers can take better care of their pets. For more knowledge about trusted dyrehandler,visit

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