Mar 16, 2013

Create Sarong Dresses with Sarong Tie

Have you added any sarong in your wardrobe? Sarong is a trendy and popular piece of garment for its attractive, lightweight and flexible characters. Unlike with men sarongs, today’s modern women sarongs are already available in a variety of colors, designs, patterns and materials. Actually, sarongs can be applied for different purposes. You may use not only for fashion but also home decoration needs.  Have you ever tried using your sarong collection as table cover in your dining room?

I ever saw some women who look elegant with their sarong dresses; unfortunately I still didn’t know how to create wonderful various sarong dresses before.  Therefore I was so glad when I finally knew the secret: the sarong tie! Sarong ties are useful tools that you can use to create different skirts and dresses styles such as skirt, halter dress, strapless dress, draped dress and wrap dress - in ease.  For example, a halter dress can be made easily by pulling the ends of your sarong around your neck and fastening them at the back of your neck by using a sarong tie. Your new dress will look neat and chic.


I will attend a beach party with friends in a short time.  Since the party dress code is beachwear, I plan to combine a t-shirt with wrapped skirt that created from a hand painted floral sarong.  I’ll also put on a trimmed hat and ethnic necklace to complete my appearance!

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