Mar 22, 2013

Uncover the Treatment of Chronic Generic Diseases with Cord Blood Banking Facilities


With the passage of time medical science proves its prominence with its ground-breaking inventions and its applications to cure the ill. The healthcare professional are there to prove excel in curing copious numbers of patients and give them new life. With such innovations in the domain of medical sciences make people to witness a ray of hope. Patients who are suffering for non-curable diseases should experience a really miserable life to live like thalassemia patients have to transfer the blood during the course of their whole life. But stem cell banking creates really hope for the patients to cure such blood disorders.

The diseases to be cured with cord blood
The cord blood stem cell is actually collected from the umbilical cord of a woman so that the blood can be used further to cure the kid if he has some blood disorder diseases. The cord blood contains high amount of stem cells and the cells are found at various stages of prenatal period. Not only thalassemia or any blood disorder diseases but with the aid of cord blood medical experts can cure type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even severe heart or eye disorders. Stem cells form part of blood as well as immune system and they assist to develop other cells in human body. Researchers also put a light on banking the cord blood to treat cancer as well.

How cord blood is collected?
However during the last decade this issue creates some controversy among ordinary people as there are some misconceptions regarding storing the cord blood. But the individuals who think of storing the cord blood should know about the facts of stem cell banking. Because it leads to highly expensive storage and the process of collecting the umbilical cord should be done within 10 minute after the birth of a newborn. But the parents who agree to store the stem cell have to go through certain diagnosis called HLA (human leukocyte antigen) so that the stem cell can be transplanted into their kid’s body to heal him from chronic diseases like acute anemia and so on. The HLA test leads to distinguishing the ‘Self’ and ‘non-self’ cell by the immune system.

Stem cell banking facilities in India
There are generally three types of stem cell transplantation such as cord blood cells, adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. But cord blood stem cells are more effective than other two. Now when it comes to think about Cord blood stem cell banking in India, the interested can find some public banks or public ones to store stem cell for future use. In India, you may find the stem cell banking facility in metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai. They have to pay around Rs 40000 before the delivery and later on 10% of it per year. But the private banks may charge on the facilities they proffer in Cord blood stem cell banking in India. But before you jump into conclusion be aware of the terms and conditions of stem cell banking. The researches on stem cells are going on and with it someday generic disorders may get eliminated from the world.

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