Mar 22, 2013

5 Basic Tips to Choose the Perfect Clothes for Your Body Type

Nobody has a perfect figure; not even the celebrities. Instead of wearing clothes that hide your flaws, this season, invest in clothes that accentuate your features and make you look attractive.

Before you start shopping, it helps if you know your body type. Celebrities look gorgeous on the red carpet because they wear what suits their body type. If you know your body type, you can pick out the perfect clothes for yourself. Given below are five basic tips that will help you choose clothes that suit your body type –

1.    Identify your body type - It never helps to be in denial about your body type. When you are not willing to accept that you are pear shaped with a wider lower body, then the clothes on the display hangers will never look good on you. Stand in front of the mirror and find out whether you are pear shaped, wedge shaped, apple shaped, rectangle shaped or whether you have the hour-glass figure.
2.    Draw Attention Away From The Lower Body - If you have a pear shaped body with wider hips and legs, you should steer clear of clothes that draw attention to the lower body; like printed skirts and tight pants with short tops. Instead, try to wear A-line skirts, jackets that end right on the hip and tops that accentuate your hands and neck. You can wear short dresses to accentuate your legs; however, do not wear tight belts over them.
3.    Accentuate Your Legs - For those with a wedge shaped and apple shaped body the best feature are their legs. You should, therefore, try to wear clothes that cover your top and mid section and help pop out those beautiful legs. Wear bright colour pants and skirts, clothes that create the illusion of a nice waist and avoid clothes that add volume to your tummy area. Wearing monochromes and bright colour pants and skirts also helps.
4.    Cover Up Your Arms - If you have large flabby arms, then cover them up. It looks better when you wear clothes with sleeves that accentuate your arms instead of making them look ugly. If you have large meaty hands wear full sleeves or three-quarter balloon sleeves. Try not to wear cap sleeved or sleeveless dresses and tops. If you work on your figure and keep your arms unattended when you wear a nice dress, you will end up looking bad.
5.    Choose your pants properly - What kind of pants you wear can make a lot of difference to your figure. If you have wide hips and legs, wear straight fitting pants that are not too tight. If you have skinny legs, wear fitted pants. Wear flared pants for body-type that has broad shoulders.

Once you know what works and what doesn’t for your body, you can go ahead and create a wardrobe for yourself that will make you look like a million bucks.

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