Mar 24, 2013

Is It a Flower?

Is it a flower?

 I saw this plant at the front of our hotel room.

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Andrea March 24, 2013  

Hi Lina, that is lovely, haven't seen such flower yet. But it looks like it is the flower of the horsetail plants, very visible in your photo. Next time i see a horsetail i will try looking for flowers. Thanks for your visit.

Tina´s PicStory March 24, 2013  

welcome to weekend flowers! what a interesting flower. thanx for sharing with us :)

DeniseinVA March 24, 2013  

Unusual and beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

Carver March 25, 2013  

Whatever it is, it's very interesting.

Anonymous March 25, 2013  

Hello Lina,
Kalantikan is right, you show a beautiful flowering
Horsetail, also known as Scouring Rush, Dutch Rush and Rough Horsetail. This plant has been around since prehistoric days.
Can be invasive!!
Thank you for sharing,

Judy March 25, 2013  

I also think it is part of the horsetail. I wonder at them planting it in a garden, as I thought it spreads like mad! But I love your image of it!!!

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