Mar 9, 2013

When You Need Angel Reiki Healing

Have you ever tried any kind of energy healing like angel reiki? I’m one of those who believe in the powerful energy healing. I realize that some people feel hard to trust since it’s a type of healing method that can’t be seen visually. In one’s body, there are some flows including blood, oxygen and energy that move along inside the body. When an energy flow disorder happens; your body would develop responses. The happening body reactions may vary in every one; I most often get headache, stomachache and fever.

When you try energy healing, you’ll feel the flow of energy transferred by a reiki practitioner inside your body. I felt warm and relaxed. Based on my experience, my headache was recovered instantly. Therefore I trust this kind of healing procedure. You may complete your medicine with energy healing simultaneously. I’ve ever read articles mentioned that reiki treatment would enhance the effectiveness of drugs and reduce its negative effects.


Haven’t you noticed that medicine seems able to cure your sickness but actually it only eases the symptoms? The accurate root that causes a disease still not be healed.  Getting energy healing would help you to obtain totally recovery. It would encourage your body’s self-healing ability by raising energy flow and correcting disturbances in the energy field surrounds your body.  So, are you interested to try?

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