Sep 7, 2013

Flowers inside a Train Station

I saw flowers in the front of the station office (Bumiayu train station, Central Java Province, Indonesia).  I captured one of them. Do you know the name of this flower?

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Jama September 07, 2013  

It's the Yellow Alder or Turnera Ulmifolia flowers. There's the white flowers too.

A wondering star September 07, 2013  

A beautiful photo, lovely color on the sweet flower!
Happy Weekend.

PerthDailyPhoto September 07, 2013  

It looks so familiar to me Lina, but I'm not sure..a native hibiscus perhaps?

Indrani September 08, 2013  

No clue about the name, but yellow and bright it makes my day!

lotusleaf September 08, 2013  

It is a beautiful flower. Sorry, I don't know its name.

DeniseinVA September 09, 2013  

Beautiful, bright and cheerful. I agree with Jama on its identification. Thank you for sharing :)

Carver September 10, 2013  

That's a very beautiful flower.

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