Sep 11, 2013

Value of Grooming in Hotel Industry

Value of Grooming in Hotel Industry -Educational qualifications can offer you loads of career opportunities, you can apply for your dream job. As far as your stability is concerned, it resides on a number of other factors, knowledge is of course the primary thing, but you cannot ignore the etiquette part. In hospitality industry, grooming is always given a special place because you have to directly interact with the clients. It is necessary to maintain a positive attitude and at the same time, you also need to develop ability to handle any form of disrupted situations without annoying the customers. Grooming is not only about hygiene, it also includes behavior of an individual as well as communicating etiquette. Professional and personal approach should be different because it helps in establishing an impressive image.


Punctuality happens to be crucial for every business. For instance, if the guest in your hotel orders something and you promise to deliver it within 15 minutes; you have to make it sure that you are not late by another minute. It is necessary to hold a positive image about the hotel otherwise you fail in the sphere of punctuality and lose appreciation. It is a respect that you show to others and earn trust. Punctuality gives you confidence to prove that you are the best and as you are representing your hotel, it portrays your reliability on every ground.


Communication is an art. Some are born with this talent and some have to be groomed. Verbal communication includes your speaking abilities, courtesy, written communication and how well you can convey your messages to others. Nonverbal communication involves your body language; the way you approach someone or look at others while conversing. Grooming is significant to enhance the interpersonal skills. Communication can build as well as break a business; so hone your skill to maximize profit. Moreover, you need to work on this skill to maintain a parity in your business and direct others to carry out tasks. Therefore, if you want to be a manager, groom you communication skills to run your hotel.


How do you look when you go to office? If you are careless and untidy, it can harm your as well as the images of the hotel. You need to be presentable wearing the perfect dress as well as giving the right look for the occasion. Personal grooming includes cleanliness and hygiene factor. In most cases, hygiene grooming is an ethic one receives from family. But when you are working in a hotel industry, you have to be cautious about every little details. Leaving an impression on the customers or clients you serve, is critical for the business.

Grooming is a ‘look good’ and ‘feel good’ attitude. The intention is be appealing and communicate with an air of confidence but at the same time listen to what others say. Grooming is a process of installing values and ethics as well as professionalism. It make individuals receptive, proving that they are capable of carrying out responsibilities with honesty and punctuality.

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Madhavi Roy is a freelance writer. She takes interest in writing on hotel management topics and latest development in this industry. In her pass time, she loves to cook that encourages her to carry out research on hotel industry.

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