Feb 4, 2010

What Color are You? (1)

Life is full of color. We can find various colors everywhere. Have you ever imagine if there aren’t colors in the world? I think we all will be so depressed and life will be so dull and boring...

Believe it or not, color that you wear often can tell much about you. Your favorite colors will show how your personality is. To know what color are you, answer these questions:
  1. (yellow) I love talking so much.
  2. (orange) I love being center of attention.
  3. (pink) I think I’m a quiet person.
  4. (red) I was born to be a leader.
  5. (blue) I’m a gentle person.
  6. (green) I’m good at planting.
  7. (black) I spend much time for myself.
  8. (yellow) I’m a positive thinking person.
  9. (orange) I always give ideas in meetings.
  10. (red) I participate in many activities in my neighborhood.
  11. (pink) I always feel shy if surrounded by many people.
  12. (blue) I’m a kind of old-fashioned person.
  13. (green) I spend more time outside.
  14. (black) I prefer have one or two friends, not more than that.
  15. (yellow) I like to imagine things.
  16. (orange) I always state a joke and make other laugh.
  17. (red) Every time I talk, other will listen.
  18. (pink) I feel comfortable when I become a center of attention.
  19. (blue) I like getting attention of others.
  20. (green) I love recycle products so much.
  21. (black) Sometimes I feel older than my friends.
  22. (yellow) I like to depend on many friends.
  23. (orange) I’m brave enough to take any risks.
  24. (red) I think I’m an independent person and able to make any decision by myself.
  25. (pink) I like to take care of animals, people or plants.
  26. (blue) I’ll do many thing for my friends.
  27. (green) I like to live in a village or farming land.
  28. (black) I prefer walking than playing tennis.
  29. (yellow) I’m good at reading other’s feelings.
  30. (green) I love to collect things.
  31. (orange) I can talk about many things.
  32. (red) I’m always angry if I don’t get what I want.
  33. (pink) I’m a touched easily person.
  34. (blue) I’ve never let my work unfinished.
  35. (green) I always feel full of passion.
  36. (black) I think I’m a very modern and independent person.
  37. (yellow) I’ve never felt very worried.
  38. (orange) I’m always chosen at office if they need someone to do something.
  39. (red) My colleagues propose me as a byword employee.
  40. (pink) I prefer reading and drawing to exercising.
  41. (green) I like to teach others all things that I know.
  42. (black) I prefer to be a listener than a spokesperson.
How to appraise: Add colors that you get for every ‘yes’ question. See what color you most get (mine is blue). Keep it. In next post, I’ll mention the analysis of your color.
Rewrite source: Nova

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