Feb 15, 2010

Help Their Jobs!

In my city, Bogor, most of street sweepers are women. For me, they have done noble jobs. But, for them, it might just one way to survive in life.

Every day, they have to sweep for four hours, from 5.am until 10.am. It’s truly not an easy job. We should appreciate their service to keep clean the city by not littering. It makes me angry every time I saw some one litter. When I asked him/her to throw the waste into a trash can; they just said,” What for? There will be someone who cleans it. She was paid to do it, right?” Uuughhh… Why they can be so unconcerned about the cleanness of their own city?

Fortunately, the local government has respected their jobs. Some women street sweepers have ever given gratitude for doing the jobs well. I was sure this appreciation can motivate them more. This city needs them, because there are still many people here who don’t care with environment, yes, we really need them…

How’s in your city? Do you still need street sweepers to keep clean your city?

Picture source: Info Bogor magazine

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