Apr 17, 2012

5 Tips for Adult Learners

Some workers need business courses for work or reasons, but adult learners have different needs and lifestyles from school aged students. A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can prepare teachers for these difference. They are likely to have other responsibilities such as family or work commitments. Studying can be difficult for some adults who do not have technological skills, such as windows 8 proficiency. However, there are several tips which can help adult learners study effectively.

Some tips for effective study as an adult learner are
· Efficient time management
· Technological awareness
· Setting goals
· Realistic expectations
· Networking with fellow students

Efficient Time Management Will Help LearningMany adult learners have other responsibilities such as family and work. It is important to arrange time to fulfill all of these commitments and keep time for study. This requires very efficient time management skills.

At the beginning of a course, be aware of the requirements. Buy a diary and put important dates, for example, dates for assignments, in it. Stick to a study timetable. Put at least an hour a day aside for study. Inform the family of the time and keep to it. Efficient study relies on effective time management.

Technological Adaptability.Many business courses rely on technology for communication. Maintaining or updating technological skills is therefore important when undertaking a new course. Asking for help from trainers or fellow students with computer programmes, such as Windows 8, is acceptable. However, maintaining and improving personal knowledge of technology is useful for a student and for future work opportunities.

A student should not be resistant to new technology. It is important when studying as an adult to be adaptable to technological change. It is also important to be open minded about teaching and learning methods.

Setting GoalsGoal setting will improve study results. Set realistic goals each day. Attempt to reach them. Small successes will lead to larger improvements. A patient step by step approach to study will motivate a student and enhance the learning experience.

Have Realistic Expectations.
Many older students expect outstanding results based upon previous study, and many are disappointed. It is important for adult learners to realise that they may not have the time or capabilities of younger students. Competing or comparing their results with young students may dishearten them.

Younger students do not have as many responsibilities as older students. Older students should have realistic expectations of their own abilities. Comparing results with others in different circumstances is not productive. The most profitable way of learning is to reach personal goals and not waste time in comparisons with other students.

Network With Other Students
Networking within the classroom setting is important for effective study. Having a study companion or contact will enhance the learning experience. If one student is sick or unable to attend class, the companion can provide notes on the class they missed.

Networking also increases support within the classroom setting. Pair work is productive as it can draw upon the skills of each student to provide support. Having a study ‘buddy’ will help with assignments and comprehension of course material.

Adult learners face unique challenges. They can overcome these challenges by good time management and goal setting. Having realistic expectations of performance and networking within the classroom can improve results and make the learning experience enjoyable.

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