Apr 10, 2012

Dating Online – to Pay or Not to Pay?

When it comes to dating online, there are two roads you can go down: you can pay a sizeable sum of money each month to a company who have no real incentive to find you a partner (after all, they’ll lose your monthly subscription if their site actually does do what it claims to) or you can choose to use a dating site that offers you all the functionality and chances of success as a paid for dating site, but at no cost.

When the choices facing online daters are put that starkly, it’s no surprise that more and more people are using free online dating site than ever before. By dating online using free sites, no only do you save money, but you also eliminate the chances of having you credit card details stolen or misused by some unscrupulous company.

Don’t let all the talk of complex algorithms and extensive detailed questionnaires fool you into thinking subscription sites are worth paying for either, because no matter how detailed these surveys are, they’re all based on the flawed assumption that the website knows what kind of person you’re looking for better than you do.

Fuelled by the custom of hundreds of thousands of people who have come to the realisation that they now don’t have to waste money paying for something they can get for nothing, free online dating sites have progressed massively in the last few years. The range of features and services available on even the most simple free dating websites now in most cases give the subscription sites a run for their money, and there are several sites that are actually far better than their paid for cousins.

One of the best sites for free dating online is Mamboo.com, which not only has over half a million active members but also has a number of features that set it apart. One of the best things about Mamboo is that it’s so easy to sign up to – it requires you to provide only a few details such as email address, date of birth and location in order for you to sign up (or if you’ve got a Facebook account you can join with one click).

Once you’re signed into the site, you’ll be amazed at the kind of functionality you get for free. Although you only have to give brief details if you want to, you can also build an in-depth and detailed personal profile and add pictures and blogs. Mamboo offers users the chance to join a range of specific user communities (for example, there’s a community for people who love traveling) and they can approach and interact with any other Mamboo member by text or even video. Of course, your online privacy is important too, which is why Mamboo allows you to hide your presence on the site and filter incoming messages. Mamboo’s search function is also an exceptional way to find people who you think you’ll like, its range of parameters allowing to narrow down the (sizeable) field of potential partners until you find people you think you’ll really click with.

In these troubled financial times, it’s important that you don’t waste any money unnecessarily, and although people are often wary of free things because of the old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’, when it comes to dating online you’ll find that the best things in life sometimes are free.

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