Apr 13, 2012

Dealing with Children at a ‘Grown-Up’ Party

Getting together with friends of the same age to relax and kick back is what every parent dreams of, but the major question is: what do you do with the kids? Just because you want a little time to hang out with your friends without worrying about your children doesn’t mean you have to leave them at home with a sitter. In fact, there are plenty of ways that the children can become part of the party without having them take over the spotlight. The following are a few ways you can keep children occupied so that you can catch up with your mates.

Make Them Feel Included
Kids love to feel like they are part of the action. Giving them a fun job to do that makes them feel like grown-ups means that they will probably do that job with dedication and enthusiasm. Have them help you set up the
party decorations, such as flowers, balloons and streamers; give them cameras and put them in charge of taking all the party photos; or get them to help with the food service and welcoming guests.

Activities Corner

Dedicate one room at the party as a place where the kids can go to be entertained with books, crafts and toys. You will want to have activities tailored to suit the age of the children, but anything from paper and crayons to modelling clay or Lego is sure to keep them occupied for at least a little while!

Give Them a Special Task
Make the children at the party feel like the centre of attention and keep them occupied for hours by giving them a very special task. For example, you can tell them that everyone has gathered to watch them put on a play later in the evening, and then set them to work making a script, building decorations and then finally performing it for the adults. This is a great way to make the kids feel special while giving them a task that could last for a couple hours.

Kids love watching movies, and the best part for you is that they will be quiet and occupied for at least a couple of hours. Get a wide selection of movies that will suit the average age of the children at the party, and help the kids pick out the ones they will watch. If there are any arguments over which movies they want to watch, then you can suggest they watch more than one, which is better for you!

Hire Help
If you are throwing a very large party and are expecting a lot of children of varying ages, then you may have to hire someone to keep them entertained. A couple of young babysitters or even a professional clown can be very useful for keeping the kids entertained with performances, activities and games. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that someone is watching the kids, and will allow more uninterrupted time for the adult partygoers to enjoy themselves.

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