Apr 8, 2012

Sensitive Mimosa

I think it's still a kind of Sensitive Mimosa or TickleMe plant, but the flower is a curly one, not puffy ones. I found it grows wild along with other weeds. Here, we call this plant Putri Malu (A Shy Princess).

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Betty Manousos April 08, 2012  

hi lina, this is so beautiful and delicate!

thanks so much for sharing:)

Story Teller April 08, 2012  

i'm not very sure but i think we have something like that here in the Philippines, we call it MAKAHIYA.. :D

everythinginmymind April 08, 2012  

Putri/putrika in sanskrit means daughter...this flower might be having its own importance in 'family of flowers' :)

DeniseinVA April 09, 2012  

This pretty flower is so unusual for me. I have never seen it before. Thank you for sharing, great shot!

Carletta April 09, 2012  

She has nothing to be shy about - she's gorgeous!
Nicely captured Lina!

Jama April 09, 2012  

The Malays called this pokok malu malu but it's more commonly known as the mimosa or touch me not.

NatureFootstep April 09, 2012  

I have only seen yellow mimosas. This one is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 April 10, 2012  

In Malaysia, there is another type, the Malays use the roots for Ubat. The creepers have thorns.

Karin M. April 15, 2012  

Such nice flower...beautiful shot...
Greetings Karin

Luna Miranda April 15, 2012  

a delightful flower. great find, Lina.

Tiger's Tail

Anonymous April 15, 2012  

Really pretty. I haven't seen this flower in our parts. We have the regular ones.

Amanda Planta August 15, 2013  

in the usa we call it the TickleMe Plant..it really does moves fast when you Tickle it and it is easy to grow with the tickleme plant party favor

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