Apr 16, 2012

Buying Gems and Jewellery in Vietnam

Vietnam has some wonderful places to buy stunning gemstones and jewellery pieces. Some of these could be located just outside your Vietnam hotel. Just as there are plenty of shops targeting tourists outside Gold Coast apartments for short-term holiday-makers, the tourist spots in Vietnam are no different. But if you really want to get the best in gemstones and jewellery the country has to offer, take note of these important tips:

Do Your Research

Know where the best places are to find the specific gemstones and jewellery you’re after. Talk to friends, relatives and colleagues who have been. Often the best places are those off the beaten track. This way you won’t spend half your time deciding on where to go.

Ask Your Hotel

Hotel staff are generally more than happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to the best places to shop, and if you are looking for jewellery there’s no exception.

Don’t Purchase Something Just Because It’s Cheap

Street vendors often sell jewellery and other items that aren’t authentic so be wary of really cheap prices. If something is real silver, for example, you are better off buying from a prestigious seller who you have to haggle with rather than opting to purchase from a shop that displays rock-bottom prices.

Always Bargain

Shops and stalls in many countries expect people to bargain with them. The reality of the situation is, as soon as they see a tourist they are likely to push the prices up. This is why haggling the price down is really essential.

Other Useful Information:

• Vietnam is a source of aquamarine, sapphires, ruby, peridot, amethyst and topaz. These are just a few of the gemstones found here.

• In order to really know the quality of the gemstones, it’s important to actually visit Vietnam. Exchanging images over the internet can often be misleading.

• If you want to buy gemstones to resell, you should have an agent in Vietnam who will help arrange meetings with the most prestigious gemstone sellers. They will not only help arrange meetings but vouch for you as well.

• Vietnam is in the developing stages when it comes to the sale of gemstones and jewellery.

It’s most important to be wary of cheap prices right from the start. The last thing you want is to bring a bracelet or ring home for a friend or relative and find out it turned a funny colour and wasn’t really what you thought it was. Take your time and only purchase from reputable sellers. If you take this advice into consideration you should have a fabulous trip and end up with some really great gemstone and jewellery finds as well.

3 komentar:

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 April 16, 2012  

I am told Vietnam is now the place to visit. Things are cheap.

Gumanta-info April 17, 2012  

Vietnam is great ... i like too..

Gumanta-info April 17, 2012  

Vietnam is great ... i like too..

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