Apr 6, 2012

Sky Watch : Gray Sky around the Lake

That day, the rain was falling -on and off. The Ranjeng Lake located in Kaligua, Bumiayu (Central Java, Indonesia). From my FIL's house, it takes almost an hour car ride to arrive at the lake.

5 komentar:

Lew April 06, 2012  

That is a beautiful spot, even with the rain clouds!

Carver April 06, 2012  

Wonderful shots of a beautiful place.

i2sariah April 06, 2012  

wow, nice picture

Al April 07, 2012  

Grey or not, that's a beautiful lake and great photos. That looks so tropical to me, it's so dry here that we never get that kind of green!

Karine April 08, 2012  

Well worth the drive though, it's a beautiful place!

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