Apr 28, 2012

The Most Unique and Useful Massage Oil

 Who doesn’t love and need massage? There’s no doubt that everyone has a natural fondness to be touched softly. Don’t you know that a massage not only feels fine, but also has healing benefits?


My sister in-law like to have massage therapy regularly, at least once a week. She said that it can relieve her from tiredness and stress. In fact, a massage has more other advantages. For premature babies, massage can help them increase weight effectively. It’s really worth to try.


I’ve read some study results about massage from the Touch Research Institute at University of Miami School of Medicine. It turns out that massage may improve your body’s immunity, reduce stress and pain, and help ones with a variety of situations from premenstrual syndrome to high blood pressure.

To get the most benefits of a massage, using high quality massage oil such as Nuru Massage Gel produced by nuru massage gel company is very essential. A bad or poor quality one can give you feeling oily after the massage. It may have horrible smell or worse, give you a skin irritation. Nuru Massage Gel is a unique kind of massage oil that you can use without worries; since it is 100% natural, fragrance-free, flavorless and leaves no stain. High quality massage oil won’t absorb into your skin too rapidly so it lasts longer on your skin while you’re being rubbed away.

Massaging your loved one can be a healthy and sweet option for a couple bonding. You don’t need to be an expert of any technique. To give useful massage, you should only pressure firm enough to create a momentary indentation in the skin. Don’t forget to use good massage oil like Nuru massage oil!

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