Apr 29, 2012

Blooming on My Late Father’s Birthday

I’ve promised to myself that I’ll post every blooming time of our Amaryllis; since it’s  seldom blooming. So, it’s the third post of the same Amaryllis plant at Today's Flowers.The first blooming time at June 13, 2010 and the second at July 17, 2011. Actually we already had this plant since my mother was still alive, before 1999; Amaryllis is my late mother’s favorite flower.

Last year, these flowers were welcoming my father home from more than a week hospitalizing. This year, even better, the first flower was seen right on my late father’s birthday –April 24, 2012. The plant has four buds and since yesterday I’ve seen four blooms! Today they are still blooming beautifully.

4 komentar:

Story Teller April 29, 2012  

they are so beautiful.. they are pretty things to remember your father by..

Tina´s PicStory April 30, 2012  

beautiful flowers :)

Francisca April 30, 2012  

How lovely to associate flowers in bloom with your parents.

Karin M. May 01, 2012  

Great photo work, lovely flowers...
Greetings, Karin

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