May 1, 2012

At a Primate Center

At this Primate Center (Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta, Indonesia), you can see gorillas from upstairs or closer. In second photo, the visitors were actually watching two gorillas. There’s only one that captured, can you see him? 

6 komentar:

DeniseinVA May 01, 2012  

Truly magnificent animals and these are lovely photos. Thank you Lina.

Maria @ LSS May 02, 2012  

Great shots! Happy RT2!

Mine's here.

Leovi May 02, 2012  

A very interesting place.

Chubskulit Rose May 02, 2012  

Beautiful shots Lina.

Ruby Tuesday at my page. Have a great day!

Gemma Wiseman May 02, 2012  

Looks like a fascinating place to enjoy wild life!

eden May 02, 2012  

Yes, I saw him.. Lovely place.

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