May 29, 2012

A Mini Becak

A becak is a three-wheeled pedal-powered bike with a passenger seat. This one has smaller size; the seat only fits for one kid. Captured last Sunday at a restaurant’s kid playing area. My nephew, Azman, looked enjoy riding it.   

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Jama May 29, 2012  

That's cute! I've never seen a becak for kids here.

Leovi May 29, 2012  

Nice picture full of tenderness. Greetings.

Linda May 29, 2012  

What a cute photo! He has such a happy look on his face!

Patti @ Pandoras Box May 29, 2012  

This is adorable!

Ralph May 29, 2012  

Now he feels like a much bigger person - he can get a powered ride all around town. He looks ready to travel in style!

Liz May 29, 2012  


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Chubskulit Rose May 30, 2012  

How cute!

Red Roses for RT.

Karen May 30, 2012  

A very cute Ruby Tuesday photo!!

Jessica Cassidy June 03, 2012  

awww! a cutie enjoying his ride :-) Dropping by form RT2

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