May 6, 2012

Different Types of Bracelets

People have been wearing bracelets as long as they have been wearing rings. Modern jewelers have developed a vocabulary around the different types of bracelets so they can make interesting new designs. Are you curious about the different types of bracelets to be found around the world? Here are some of the most popular forms.

Jewel bracelets

These types of bracelets are usually made of precious stones or metals and can be quite expensive.

Tennis bracelet: Probably the most timeless and classic type of bracelet. They usually fit tight around the wrist and must be fastened with a clasp. Tennis bracelets are traditionally made of one string of pearls, diamonds or another precious stones. Each stone is set separately and the settings are soldered together. It carries this name because a famous tennis player once played a match with a similar bracelet on and had to stop the match because she lost it.

Charm bracelet: Charm bracelets are quite popular these days. You have two types: a simple chain link that attaches one or more jewel charms, or the Italian type charm bracelet where you can personalize each link to give a flat, modern-type look.

Bangle: The bangle is probably the simplest type of bracelet. It is simply slid around the wrist without a clasp. They can be made of simple glass or of precious metals with precious stones set in it.

Fashion bracelets

Bracelets aren’t all made of precious metals and stones. Fashion sometimes has weird influences and makes people wear humbler materials as a fashion statement. Here are some popular fashion bracelets.

Sports bracelet: It all begun with Lance Armstrong’s yellow silicone rubber band. Since then, many not-for-profit organizations have used those rubber bands to raise awareness of a cause. However, given their popularity, they are now ubiquitous and don’t hold much symbolic power anymore.

Slap bracelets: If you’re old enough to remember those, they will bring a smile to your face. They were flat pieces of metal or plastic strips covered in felt or fabric that you would “slap” on your wrist so it would curve around it. They were noisy but quickly became popular with kids and teenagers. However, some countries quickly took them off the market because the fabric would wear and the metal would hurt the wearer.

Bead bracelets: Loved by crafters and hippies everywhere, the bead bracelet is probably the simplest way to get into jewelry craft. Get a piece of string or elastic and slide the beads on it. Instant fashion!

Buddhist prayer beads: Buddhists wear wooden bead bracelets are prayer beads. These beads can be painted with a sign or charm to protect the wearer and give him or her good  karma.

Braid bracelet: Braided fabric made into a bracelet is popular with girls and teens as tokens of friendship.

Gifts of precious bracelets are often accompanied with flowers and a card, especially around Valentine’s Day. They are original gifts that are a little different from the traditional ring. 

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