May 2, 2012

How to Add Some Luxury to Your Life

We all have to budget for the essentials. Things like groceries, home repayments, car insurance and home insurance will always take precedence over weekends away and new cars. But just because you have these expenses doesn’t mean you can’t add a little luxury to your life, no matter what your income.

Shop around

When it comes to everything from groceries to insurance policies, it certainly pays to shop around. You could save yourself hundreds or even thousands each year by refinancing your home, and taking the necessary steps to really find the best health cover, home insurance policy and car insurance provider to suit your needs and your budget. Ultimately, the money you save by doing this means that you and your family can go on that island escape at Christmas time.

It’s the little things...

Often, the best way to add luxury to your home is in fact to take the time to focus on some of the little things. Here, we’ve created a list of ways to instantly inject some luxury into your home:

- Buy a fresh bunch of your favourite flowers - if you are really strapped for cash, why not pick some large leafy branches from a fern and make them the centerpiece of your table? Having fresh foliage and flowers in your home really does give it an instant lift.

-  Frame your children’s artwork - If you have bare walls but can’t afford to buy pieces to fill the space, why not give your children the task of creating some masterpieces you can frame? Truly kids paintings look wonderful in modern homes and you can often pick up a stunning large frame for only $30 or even less.

-Buy fragrant candles - Smell is such an important sense and is often overlooked. Nothing oozes luxury more than a home smelling of fresh florals or vanilla bean.

Feeling a little overlooked and need some luxury? Try these ideas...

  • Have a bath - fill the bath with bubbles and relax in your tub surrounded by candles. The best way to spend an afternoon and give yourself the feeling of truly living a life of luxury!
  • Have a manicure and pedicure - If you’re feeling a little dull, nothing feels more luxurious than spending the afternoon at a beauty spa having your nails done.
  • Go out for dinner - Getting take away is easy, but what about dressing up and going out with your partner for a special meal together? Just the act of taking time out and going somewhere special to enjoy a meal can instantly give you a lift.
There are so many ways to add a little luxury to your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a limited budget either, you just need to get creative and find something that works for you. Whether it’s sprucing up your home with some flowers or taking the afternoon off and heading to the day spa for some pampering you can indulge in a little luxury without breaking the bank.

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Leovi May 02, 2012  

Unfortunately my economy is for few luxuries.

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