May 30, 2012

Stem Cells: Base of Healthy Living

With the rapid progress in medical science, we can find solutions for all the diseases in the current time. With the change in the climatic conditions people are facing many problems at a very early age now days, so having good medical facilities are very much needed by everyone for a healthy living. Medical science has always given most beneficial results for all kinds of disorders, even for the extreme diseases which were not curable earlier. Now with all kinds of all latest techniques applied in medical field, you can get treatments for all kinds of diseases. Tall these changes have occurred with the assistance of stem cells. These stem cells are detected from the human body, especially from the human embryos. These cells have the power to renew new cells and can develop into any other particular kind of cell.

Stem cells have the power to replace or fix damaged tissues. They have the possibility to heal people suffering from several types of serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, or blood and heart diseases. These stem cells are unlike other cells present in the body as they have two very unique qualities. First, they are self-renewed and second they are adaptable, they have the ability to adapt according to the environment of the human body. On the basis of these two different characteristics, these stem cells are utilized for treating all kind of diseases.

These stem cells are generally taken from the placenta, which is connected with the mother and the baby inside the womb. During the baby’s growing period of time inside the womb, the placenta supplies all the required nourishment to the baby. After the baby is born the blood is taken from the cord within five to ten minutes of the delivery. On an average three ounces of blood is taken from the cord for storage so that they can be used for supplying stem cells in the future at the time of emergency.

The development factors of these stem cells are very unique and extraordinary as they are not mature cells so they can take place of any kind of cell present in the human body. These cells replace the dead cells of the body as they can divide themselves without any limitations. It serves in quick healing of the body from the disease at a less period of time.

After the stem cells are injected, they begin to release their growth factors which help the blood vessel in making new blood cells in the body of the patient. These new cells begin to replace the old withered cells present in the body of the patient. The new cells keep on separating until all the old cells are not replaced as the old cells are the cause of the disease. With time the patient starts feeling better and gets free from the serious disease. They are used for curing many diseases like cosmetic surgery, organ replacement like liver and renal, cancer, depression, arthritis, retinitis, etc. they are very useful and powerful, so these stem cells should be preserved for a better and healthy living.

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