May 25, 2012

Managing Your Finances as You Age

Financial goals change as you get older. To begin with they are about buying nice clothes, then attention turns to mortgages, cars, houses and a family. As you get significantly older however, attention turns to retirement and looking after yourself when you no longer work.

The final stage after this is leaving your family whatever you can to improve their lives as much as possible. By this point you will hopefully own property and have an estate that can be easily divided to provide benefit, but as you are able to do less, putting even more aside for the next generation seems like a worthy expense. This article considers the changing financial aims of the elderly and how you can best position yourself.


As an elderly person it is likely that you have accrued a great deal of wealth over time. This may not, however, be kept in the best of places. Savings that are sitting in low interest accounts should be wisely invested to allow them to grow into larger funds to leave behind.

Anything from the pension that is not spent should likewise be placed into high interest savings accounts. Positioning any savings more wisely can greatly improve the amount of money that is left for those after you.

One great way to keep savings for the next generation is to create an account for your grandchildren. Such an account should be restricted in terms of access until they reach 18 or 21. This will allow you to have a significant impact upon their lives at a crucial time and it will turn even modest savings into far more valuable resources over time.


Getting life insurance is a good way to save for the future. Even if you neglect this until later in life, there are now many avenues to get such insurance, even after 50. The earlier that you opt to seek life insurance quotes, the lower your premiums will be, but there will continue to be options. Deferred life insurance is a good way to buy into a new policy. It will require three years before it really takes effect but this allows you to buy in later on in life.

For the elderly, guaranteed life insurance policies also have a lot of benefits. These policies will remain at a set value and with a set premium, regardless of your deterioration of health. These policies will let you live out the rest of your years comfortably and in the knowledge that you are leaving a healthy nest-egg for your family.


It is also important to remember that no age is too old to have fun. Whilst there will be much that you cannot do in your old age, as long as your debts are paid, it is important to have fun. Your family will likely be able to fend for themselves after you death so spending what you have saved over the years is a good way to go. This is an opportunity to take the trip around the world that you have always dreamed of, and there is nothing to stop you from enjoying yourself in your final years. 

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