May 29, 2012

Why Females Prefer using Smart Phones and not Digital Cameras for Clicking Images

Over the past decade we have experienced remarkable developments in mobile broadband. This has come about fundamentally because of the need for more communication, interface and marketing. With the coming of social media and networking, people demanded more and more internet access.

Likewise, there has been a marked improvement in digital technology and we got to see digital cameras as the first choice for photography. However, with this development came more competition and more challenges for telecommunication. They had to find a way to keep up with the demand for digital cameras. This was when Smartphones became “smarter” with inbuilt cameras.

People could have more interfaces and could share pictures over the internet. They could be on the move and stay in touch with their friends and family through mobile broadband. This became the greatest achievement in the mobile phone industry and took photography to a new dimension. Now people capture memorable moments and scenes with their mobiles, and share them instantly. Mobile broadband is all over the world. People from all walks of life (business, entertainment, students, self employed) can share photos through their Smartphones.

This has lead to a boom in the Smartphone industry, and digital cameras have lost relevance. Soon people wanted an all-in-one solution. It became more fun to capture all kinds of expressions anywhere and anytime. People could take a picture of themselves smiling, crying or when they were surprised. One didn’t need to leave home planning how and what kinds of photos to capture.

Later, there was a time when digital cameras improved in resolution. Smartphones were not going to stay back and let digital cameras take a lead. Soon Smartphones with higher megapixels were seen. The more the megapixels the better the image quality and the more people demanded for it. Regardless of the pixels, as long as one has access to mobile broadband, taking high quality pictures and sharing them instantly is fun.


Digital Cameras and Smartphones Competition

It is obvious that in today’s time there is a lot of competition. The winner has to be better and smarter. There must be convenience and ease of access. Most importantly there must be value to the piece of technology. Those who are professional photographers definitely value digital cameras with high megapixels. They prefer editing their photos on their computers before they print them or share them using the traditional way (through the computer).

Today, there is nothing a digital camera can do that a Smartphone can’t do as far as photos are concerned. However, Smartphones take the lead because of their capacity to allow users to instantly share those pictures with friends and family across the globe.

In fact, Smartphones offer better portability as compared to digital cameras. Instead of carrying two separate pieces of technology, now people need just one – a Smartphone!


Smartphones and Mobile Broadband

The popularity of Smartphones is due to their need to use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. People use these websites for socializing and for business purpose as well. They provide remarkable internet connectivity through efficient mobile broadband. No matter where people are, they can take pictures and upload them with a single click of the button.

Taking advantage of this fact, Smartphone manufacturers are making millions of dollars through instant photo sharing through cyberspace.


What Happens Next

Androids seem to be overtaking Smartphones. They have better features, better combinations and have exclusive cameras in-built. They are dangerous for the future of Smartphones.

Moreover, camcorders are also a threat to the future of Smartphones. Panasonic, Cannon and other renowned companies seem to be coming up as successful and challenging. Though, it will take longer for them to challenge Smartphones. For now however, Smartphones are safe and doing well with apps that can be downloaded to manage photos. People don’t need computers to improve the quality of their photos. Why camcorders don’t seem to have a strong chance to contend against Smartphones is because they lack internet connectivity.

Obviously, why digital cameras are losing relevance due to Smartphones is their in-built mobile broadband access tools. The ease of sharing instantly taken pictures is the main reason behind the success so far.

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