May 29, 2012

Why Women Are More Prone in Complaining about iPad Wi-Fi Connections

Apple is a name that needs no introduction. With their cutting-edge gadgets and avant-garde technology inspiring awe, they soon claimed themselves as the industry giants earning a reputation that is not going to wane anytime soon.

While the company is not done with the disfavor it received for the iPad 3 related problems, it is bracing itself for a new barrage of criticism and the reason is none other than Wi-Fi connectivity. Following all the scandals surrounding the iPad 3 raising eyebrows for overheating issues and doubtful recharging capabilities, this new glitch in the gadget was the last thing Apple needed.

Wireless internet is the predominant means for the majority of people to stay connected. This convenience is the sole reason making Apple gadgets so sinfully irresistible for geeks in the first place. Ironically, with connectivity issues in the recently launched iPad 3, consumers are disappointed.

Apple’s iPad 3 was released on March 16, 2012 and despite the fact that the sales reached an overwhelming 3 million units in the opening weekend, the new kid on the block is still not free of issues. Complaints continue to mount as the industry giant continues to bear the brunt regarding the connectivity issues in the device.

Nothing is more annoying than getting a gadget that does not render the desired performance, especially when it is costing you a fortune. Consumers are finding it hard to comprehend how Apple engineers failed to identify the apparent problems regarding connectivity.

Female users reported that iPad 3 is facing some serious issues connecting to the wireless network. Even when the device connects to the network, it turns out to be a fruitless endeavor trying to stay connected. Failure to secure strong signals is another story altogether. Other apple-made contemporaries including first or second generation iPads or notebooks never had any such issues.

Threads on forums discussing the problem clearly show how irritated consumers are. With responses on the threads reaching to unbelievable number, it is getting more important than ever for Apple to maintain its market footing by addressing the issues.

Stories of unreliable Wi-Fi on the internet continue to revolve as the owners were found asking in disbelief how the company launched such a flawed device. Sophisticated gadgets are a result of complicated manufacturing process and experiencing such issues with gadgets from established names like Apple, it is something just too hard to believe.

Not everyone is having an issue with the device but even with an approximate 5 million gadgets sold till now, even if 10% have any issue, it accounts for a daunting number of units that are defective. Since this is not the first device Apple has launched with the Wi-Fi technology, such glitches are absolutely unacceptable.

As difficulties to stay connected continue to persist, many owners are being advised to turn their iPads on and off. Other forum responses suggest that the iPad’s network settings should be reconfigured to default in order to steer clear of any such issues. Here it is important to establish that by reconfiguring the settings, the owner’s data and apps will be unaffected. Only the Wi-Fi passwords will have to be entered again.

Many users have found to their great delight that the device is showing a stronger signal at locations where the signals were previously unstable after doing the settings. In addition, an improvement can also be observed in the download speed and throughput in upload speeds. Still, critics believe that it will be long before the new tablet will ignite the same interest in masses that iPad 2 did.

Reports are showing that Apple engineers are looking into the matter. In addition, Apple customer service providers have been directed to capture and replace any defective pieces so as to allow the engineers to identify the underlying cause.

The devices are under inspection by the support team to justify the intermittent connectivity, connection maintenance and slow Wi-Fi speeds. Engineers are claiming that the device is rendering poor wireless internet performance because it has been specifically designed to work with lightening fast speeds 4G connections. Adhering to such specifications, issues are bound to surface with 3G connection.

While reviews about the launch have largely been positive, it is critical for Apple to fix the issues soon to keep any more controversies from brewing.

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