May 13, 2012

When You Need to Know More about Lasik Eye Treatment

A good friend of mine is a severe astigmatism sufferer.  For your information, astigmatism is the effect of the cornea’s irregular curve. It causes unclear sight, double vision and shadows on letter while reading. She had used corrective eyeglasses for years before. But since she’s a forgetful one; she lost her eyeglasses several times. Then she decided to wear corrective contact lenses for a while. Unfortunately, she felt inconvenient using contact lenses and she said that it didn’t improve much her sight as she expected.

In our last phone conversation, she conveyed her concern to try Lasik eye treatment and she asked my opinion about it. She really craves to free from eye glasses or contact lenses. Since I still didn’t know much about lasik; I said that I still needed to find out more related information and promised to contact her later. I browsed in the internet and get some useful reference at a reliable resource website that provides comprehensive lasik guide.

In fact, though there are still risks that she must consider, it’s already approved that Surgery Lasik has a high success rate.  There’s a fact that more than 80 percent of people who have treated by lasik vision correction experienced the completely eye sight recovery.  

Nowadays, Laser lasik is already becoming the most popular choice of all refractive surgeries. Using accurate laser cutting methods, lasik eye treatment allows an eye surgeon to improve a patient’s poor vision by reshaping the cornea. Therefore laser lasik is not only for astigmatism cure, but can also correct farsightedness and nearsightedness.

As mentioned before, lots of patients are satisfied with their lasik outcomes. It can be a costly treatment, but you can obtain many benefits by taking lasik correct vision; such as instant vision improvement, short healing time, convenient procedures and freedom from depending on corrective eyewear.  Having clear vision means that you will be able to conduct different new activities more pleasantly. The wider career opportunities are also open for you!    

To help my friend making an informed decision; I’ll inform her not only the benefits but also the probable risks of taking lasik eye surgery. In a few weeks after the lasik eye surgery, she may experience unclear vision and dry eyes, but it’s really common problems since the eyes need times to adjust. Some very rare risks are eye contagion, irritation and loss of sight sharpness. Though it happens very rarely, she must aware all the risks.


As long as having fulfilled the general lasik requirements, today’s advanced lasik technology offers every sufferer of impaired vision a chance to improve their life by getting their clear sight again.

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