May 16, 2012

Gifts to Give Friends Who Have Everything

Some friends are very hard to buy for, simply because they’ve already got everything! Either that, or they don’t want any gifts. So what can you do instead to show your love and appreciation?

Experience Vouchers

You friends may have everything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve done everything! An experience gift voucher is a great present for those who have everything. The experience can be anything you like – from hot balloon rides, sky dives and rally car racing to romantic retreats, restaurant dinners and cooking classes.

Food, Alcohol & Hampers

If your friends are possession filled, food, alcohol and gift hampers are also great ideas, purely because they’re consumable. Try to be creative with your choices – a bottle of moet, for instance, is a little more classy than a basic bottle of wine. When it comes to food, go for things like meat hampers or chocolate hampers rather than the general, supermarket varieties. Gourmet treats can also go down well, if you know their tastes.


If your friend is a lady, flowers are always welcomed! Showing up at your friend’s house with yet another gift is probably a bit boring, but flowers can brighten any woman’s day – and home! Flowers also show that you’ve chosen to go for something a big more personal and that you’ve put a bit more thought into the friendship.

Shopping Vouchers

Your friends may have everything, but at some point they’ll still need to go shopping for things like clothes, shoes and other necessities. Getting them a shopping voucher can be very useful and if the voucher has got a good life span (i.e. it lasts for one or two years), it also means they don’t have to use it straight away.

Personalised Stuff

Your friends have everything – but is there name on it? Personalised belongings can be fun, novelty presents that will jazz up your friend’s homes and put smiles on their faces. You can personalise almost anything these days, from doormats and cushions to lollies, mugs, photo albums and bean bags. For something even more unique, try a personalised novel or book.

Revamp Their Belongings

If you’re quite close to your friends, putting a new twist on one of their old possessions can be a lovely, heartfelt gift. If they’ve got an old photo of their baby, for example, could you do it up in a nice frame? If they’ve got some jewellery that they don’t wear much anymore, how about getting it engraved? Personalised presents are a great way to show your friends that you care … even if they do have everything!

Charity Donations

If you still don’t know what to get your friends who have everything, get your charitable hat on and think about donating some money to a chosen charity in their name. Almost every charity will let you know donate money as a gift on someone’s behalf. You can choose the amount and at the end of the process, you’re usually given a certificate that you can print and give to your friend. It’s a selfless present – and it’s also a chance to help someone who really does need it.

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