May 4, 2012

Sky Watch: Two Sky Moments

A cat face in the sky or it's only my imagination? 

Sunset moment
Captured a few days ago, on the same day, in different times.

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L. Neusiedler May 04, 2012  

what can I say more than screaming: oh, so beautiful? I am looking forward to see the super moon, I hope the sky cooperates ;)). best wishes from Austria!

From The Heart May 04, 2012  

Great Pictures!

Arija May 04, 2012  

The cat was the first thing I saw. BEAUTIFUL CAPTURES BOTH.

Linda May 04, 2012  

Fabulous eye! I saw the cat them both!

Carver May 04, 2012  

The first shot does look like a cat face. Both are beautiful shots in their individual ways.

Kim, USA May 05, 2012  

That is awesome! For a day and the sky is quite different. ^_^ Thanks for the visit Lina!


Stewart M May 05, 2012  

Hi there - I think it’s great the way the brain finds things that are not really there!

I can see the cat face as well!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

PS: thanks for the visit and thoughts

eden May 06, 2012  

Beautiful photos especially the sunset.

Melbourne Australia Photos May 07, 2012  

Cute cat and a great example of pareidolia - see my "other" blog:

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