May 15, 2012

How to be More Romantic

Are you a natural romantic or do you have a trouble even dropping into a florist to buy a gift? Whatever level of romanticism you have, you can always improve, just by following a few simple steps. The theory is simple, but in practice, it will involve always making an effort and not just be about buying flowers and chocolates when your partner is angry with you. Firstly, you need to understand whether you are actually romantic or not. If you make romantic gestures for no apparent reason other than love, you are probably a true romantic. Those that need a little bit of help know what to do but just not always when to do it.

These are the areas of your romantic life to concentrate on:
      Consistency – if you are constant with your romantic gestures, there will never be those questions of your motivation for being romantic.
      Creativity – Being creative in your romantic gestures really shows you care.
      Individualism – no matter what, be yourself when you are being romantic.
      Understanding – Sometimes your partner just may not be in the mood for an extreme romantic gesture and so some empathy is definitely important.

Consistently Romantic
Do you only buy your partner flowers when it is their birthday or when you have done something wrong? This is not romanticism and is only a kind gesture. Being a romantic means going beyond the basic niceties of a relationship and really showing your love.

Being consistent does not mean buying the same flowers every week for your partner, but doing something romantic for them regularly. Certainly, you can flood them with big gifts but it is often small, regular gestures that mean the most. So make sure you put some thought into it!

The Creative Romantic
Being a romantic that is also creative is the best combination, because you need to keep coming up with great ideas. If you do not see yourself as creative, don’t stress out, as you can always search for ideas and inspiration. You will find that nearly every romantic gesture has been done before, so there is a lot of information out there for you. Being creative also means being you. Even if you find some fantastic creative and romantic ideas, be sure to add a personal twist.

The Individual Romantic
Being an individual is just as important as the loving gestures you hope to pull off. With any romantic action you take, you have to be comfortable. Some people will be happy with very public displays of affection, such as singing, while others will be more silently romantic, with poems and flowers. It is better to do what you are comfortable with, as then you can learn to enjoy being romantic. If you are trying to do romantic things that make you uncomfortable, you will be less likely to be romantic again. Stay within your depth when you are trying to woo someone and you will be just fine.

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DeniseinVA May 15, 2012  

Another lovely post Lina, thank you.

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