May 18, 2012

Sky Watch : Blue Skies and a Sun Dog

Was it a kind of the sun's reflection? The sun position was on the left.
Note: I know what it was now. It's a sun dog/phantom sun/mock sun :an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky. The sunlight refracted in the ice crystals in the thin layer of cloud. Thanks for informing me :)  

Both captured at the same time; but different sides.

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Unknown May 18, 2012  

Interesting images!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Photo Cache May 18, 2012  

i'm especially enamored by the second image with whispy clouds.

My sky is here

eileeninmd May 18, 2012  

Cool capture, it looks like you might have caught part of a sundog? Lovely sky and photos.

thomas May 18, 2012  

lovely reflection,looks like a rainbow,must be due to falling water droplets there.

Kim, USA May 18, 2012  

Wow Lina that is beautiful!!


Arija May 18, 2012  

Wow, a sun-dog! Was there just one or more, there is a possibility of four surrounding the sun. It is sunlight refracted in the ice crystals in the thin layer of cloud.

Carver May 19, 2012  

Wonderful shots. Very beautiful sky!

Chubskulit Rose May 19, 2012  

Wow, absolutely gorgeous!

Please come and see the Sky View at a football field. Have a great weekend!

Unknown May 19, 2012  

great shoot .. blue sky

eden May 20, 2012  

Wow.. great captures!

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