May 22, 2012

How Many Pets are Enough?

Pets often make the best companions for people, as their unconditional love, support and loyalty can often provide everything that human relationships will not. Having lots of pets can seem like the surest way to be surrounded by love and adoration, you should, however, ensure that you are able to provide a wonderful life for each and every pet you own. The following takes a quick look at how many pets would be the right amount for you.


The cost of feeding many animals can become quite significant if you begin to accumulate a lot of pets, so unless you have enough financial resources you may have to give yourself a limit. Pet insurance costs will also quickly add up if you need pet cover for one or more of your animals, so make sure you are taking this into account when considering more pets.


Depending on what types of pets you want to keep, you may need to have a large amount of space to be able to have enough for everyone. Keeping many small animals, like fish, is quite different from having large animals like dogs or horses. Just make sure you are able to provide all the space an animal needs, because if you try to accommodate too many animals into too small an area you are bound to come across all sorts of problems. Even some small animals have large territorial areas, so do your homework and avoid creating a crisis for your pets.


Aside from the right amount of space and enough resources, most domesticated animals also require a large amount of love and attention. So before you pass the point of having more pets than you can provide proper love and attention for, make sure you are keeping your pack to a reasonable size so that each and every one of them receives the right amount of affection, as even cats will start getting stressed if they feel like they are not having their needs taken care of. Pets are like people, they also aren’t fond of being ignored. It is wise to ensure you are not housing too many pets as you will be doing them all a disservice if you do.

It goes without saying that if you are having difficulty remembering the names of all your pets, maybe it is time to stop adding to the farm.


If you have a pet that is quite territorial or protective of you, it can be extremely hard on that animal if you keep adding to your pack. Some animals like being in big groups while others like to feel like the only one of their kind.  Keep that in mind and just make sure you know what you are doing before you decide to adopt that latest member into the family.

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