May 8, 2012

How to Express Your Love

Men in particular can have trouble expressing their love in ways that their partners understand. This is because there is an intrinsic difference between the ways in which men and women experience and perceive love. Men are far more physical, whereas women are far more sensual and visual. Learning to communicate your love in the language of the opposite sex can be a difficult task for both partners in a relationship but it is one which is well worth the effort. Here are some tips on how to express your love in a way that your partner can understand through the stimulation of senses.

The sense of smell is a powerful way to invoke memories and experiences within any relationship. Your partner will become used to your smell, and vice versa, and this will be connected with good memories. This is a natural process which is mostly subconscious but it can be used to your advantage. By wearing a particular perfume or cologne when you see your partner for dates, you can create an association with other good memories and naturally increase the levels of attraction and happiness experienced by both partners.

Stimulating the sense of smell is a very effective way to invoke memories and create associations with love. The use of flower delivery is a great way to express your love and the olfactory stimulus will help you to develop an association between the smell of flowers with happiness and love.

Physical attraction is obviously a large factor in relationships. Expressing your love can be as simple as maintaining your physical appearance and making an effort to look good for your partner. Dressing up for a date can make an excellent impression and will help you to demonstrate your love with more ease. Whilst this may not seem an important thing to men, women dress up and they expect the same in return as an expression of love.

Sound is an important sense and it can be a great stimulus in love. Obviously it is important to listen to your partner, but stimulating sound can also be very arousing. Romantic music backing to any situation can quickly turn it from a casual relaxation to an exciting experience for both partners. Similarly, women love to be serenaded. Playing some music for a women yourself is a great way to win her heart and express your love. 

Sense deprivation
Just as sense stimulation can be very arousing for women, so to can the deprivation of senses. This needs to be done in a controlled and comfortable manner but it can be a great way to enhance your expression of love. Blindfolding a partner before walking them into a room with candles and flowers, for example, will greatly intensify the experience for them.

Manipulating senses is an excellent way to help in the expression of love. Remember that women are far more sensual than males and you will understand how you can begin to stimulate in all circumstances. Women pay far more attention to surroundings and physical attributes than men do so expressions of love need to focus on provoking reactions of sight, sound and scent. Mostly an expression of love needs to be considered and planned for it to resonate and be truly meaningful to your partner.

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JonaBQ May 09, 2012  

Oh! How I would love to experience such expressions of love. Women needs to be loved more than anything else right! Hehe!

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