May 11, 2012

Preparing the Main Wedding Table

The main table at a wedding is the long table at the front of the room where the bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party are seated during the wedding reception. Having your main table look fantastic is a crucial part of planning any wedding, because your guests are going to be facing this table for at least the formal part of the night, and will definitely be looking at how you’ve chosen to prepare it. The following are a few tips and ideas for preparing your main table.

Don’t Make It Too Big

Even though you will have a huge amount of special people, you just can’t fit them all at the main table. If you can, limit your main table to the bride and groom, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Order of Seating

The main table at the wedding is obviously all about the bride and groom, who should be seated in the middle with an equal amount of people on either side. Using name tags will make getting everyone seated simple and easy. The seating is normally varied according to gender, and usually has the matron of honour seated next to the groom, and the best man to the side of the bride, then alternating the remaining bridesmaids and groomsmen on each side. If you choose to have the parents of the bride and groom seated at the main table, they should be seated beside their child.

The Centrepiece

Your main table at the wedding should be adorned with a fantastic centrepiece, which can be absolutely anything that you like. While most people go for a large floral piece, it depends whether or not you plan on having the wedding cake displayed on the main table. If so, you can always make the cake the centrepiece instead, and go all out with an elaborate wedding cake topper, more flowers and of course some fabulous wedding cake figurines.


Apart from your fabulous centrepiece, you should have flowers all the way along the main table, as this is meant to be a big celebration after all. Use flowers that are a little different from those on the guest’s tables to help distinguish the importance and significance of those at the main table.


Everyone at the wedding should have a gift for them at their table, especially those important people sitting at the main table. You don’t need to worry about having anything for the bride and groom because they have a mountain of gifts waiting for them, though it can be classy to have quality thank-you gifts there waiting for your bridal party members when they are first seated at their table.

If you are planning the main table for your wedding or that of your child, enjoy it, because there is no more fun element of a wedding celebration to plan. Having an amazing wedding table will set the mood for the evening and make it clear that it is a time for celebration!

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