Oct 6, 2016

Do you want to be happier?

There is a golden rule for those of you, who want to be happier: you should love yourself. If you are looking for relationships, you should start with loving yourself, and only then you should add somebody else to your “list of loving”. Remember, if you don’t love yourself – nobody will. 

How can you do it? We have some tips as for this.

Tip #1. Change your thoughts
You shouldn’t start or finish your day with thoughts you are fat or not pretty at all. Change your thoughts and your body and mind will feel the difference.

Tip #2. Understand yourself
If you feel pain in the leg, you know that problem is in the leg. When the question is an inner problem, you don’t know what you really feel and why. In this case, you should try to identify your feelings.
Tip #3. Forgive yourself
Self-acceptance is a hard thing. You should be understanding and gentle with yourself (but not at the gym, my darling). If you have done something wrong, just forgive yourself and don’t practice self-torturing (even if you keep a diet but have eaten a candy bar).

Tip #4. Add some playtime to your routine
If you find time for playing, you will always be young and fresh. Play with kids (not necessarily with your kids, you can “use” your nephew, for example) or a dog, or buy a new board game and have fun with your boyfriend or gees.

Tip #5. Stop comparing!
Don’t compare yourself with others! Remember, you are unique!

Be yourself and appreciate your personality, visit the Bon Bon Hair Salon and Spa to feel yourself better, and everything will be OK. 

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