Feb 3, 2022

Is It Worth Investing In Custom Blinds for Your Toronto Home?

Summary: Are planning to install custom-made blinds in your Toronto home? Discover the top reasons for choosing this option. These include getting top-quality products, a perfect fit to your windows, a diversity of styles and finishes, and value for your money. 


Many Toronto homeowners spend money on stylish blinds, but are they getting the right kind? 

If you want new blinds or to replace existing ones, you can choose between custom and ready-made models. Readymade blinds are available at your local department store. But custom ones are made to perfectly fit your windows and suit your preferences in terms of colour and material. 

Read this post to discover the top reasons why custom blinds are the perfect choice for your Toronto home. 

Why Choose Custom Blinds Over Readymade Ones in Toronto?

Whether you have oddly-shaped or oversized windows, custom blinds are your best option. Here are the benefits of picking these coverings over readymade or pre-fabricated ones. Let’s check them out.

You Get a Perfect Fit

Readymade blinds seldom offer your windows a perfect fit. They are usually too big or small, leaving several gaps on the sides. This contradicts the key reason to have blinds in your house in the first place.


Only perfectly-fit custom window coverings keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills by maintaining the right temperature by eliminating gaps. Custom blinds maintain a snug fit, even on oddly-shaped windows. 

To make these blinds, a window treatment specialist will visit your house to take the precise measurements. They will also help you select materials, work within your budget, and supervise the final installation.  

You Get Multiple Options 

Unlike ready-made blinds, which usually come in a limited number of colours, textures, finishes, and styles, custom ones offer a wide range of options. This includes choosing if they’re to be mounted inside or outside the window frame and additional features such as coordinating valances or matching head rails. 

They Are of Top Quality

Custom blinds use premium fabrics and components. Whether you choose wood, venetian, or vertical blinds for your Toronto home, you’ll get a product that will last. Most custom blinds also come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. On the other hand, readymade blinds can be of low-quality. Common complaints with them include fading colours and slats that break or fall off.

They Need Professional Installation for a Perfect Fit


When buying custom blinds, you need to invest money in professional measurement and installation to ensure a perfect fit. Ready-made blinds do not allow this option. They are cheaper but you get what you pay for. When you measure and/or install your blinds yourself, you may make mistakes that leave you highly unsatisfied. 

They Are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

It’s easy to find ready-made blinds at low prices in most departmental stores. But it’s wise if you consider the quality, durability, and chic appearance of solar, horizontal, or any other custom blinds in Toronto. When you do, it’s easy to see that their true value lies in choosing a product that’s designed to stay beautiful and functional for years to come.

When considering window coverings for your Toronto home, custom blinds are your best option. They perfectly fit your window and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. They’re also a highly-durable, high-quality window covering that is functional and matches your home decor. Consult a leading window covering company to learn more about custom blinds. 










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