Feb 2, 2022

How to Shop for a Kitchen Island in Mississauga Like a Pro

Summary: Planning to buy a kitchen island in Mississauga? Not sure where to start? Your kitchen island improves the functionality of your cooking space and is a must-have. To make an informed purchase, read this blog and keep these important aspects in mind. 

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Kitchen islands are an integral part of the modern cooking space, but picking the right one isn’t always simple. 

What size of kitchen island should you choose? How many seats should it accommodate? Here, we explore these and other aspects to make choosing the perfect kitchen island in Mississauga that much easier.

Top Things to Know When Buying a Kitchen Island in Mississauga

Kitchen islands are quite trendy and help to improve the functionality of the space. But what factors do you need to keep in mind when getting one? Let’s explore them here. 

Why Get A Kitchen Island? 

A kitchen island is a feature desired by many homeowners. In fact, about 77% would like to own one, with a granite and quartz countertops being preferred. So, if you want to add value to your current home or are simply looking for an upgrade, this is a great feature to consider. 

In addition to looking good and improving your property’s value, kitchen islands are a great space saver. How do you design the perfect kitchen island?

Here are some tips to consider. 

  1. Make Sure You Have Space 

A kitchen island works best when there is sufficient space. While you can buy kitchen islands for small kitchens, it won’t work well in a very tight space. The point is that the traffic in your kitchen should not be interrupted. Ideally, it is best to have about 36 to 48 inches of space all around the kitchen island. 

To understand this better, do this.

  • Map the area where you want to install the kitchen island. 

  • Measure the space around the chosen space.

  • Take note whether you can open doors and drawers freely and safely. 

If your measurement is less than 36 inches it is likely that adding a kitchen island may compromise foot traffic. While there are kitchen islands designed for small spaces, it is best to get professional assistance. To understand this better, consult a reputable kitchen renovator company in Mississauga or wherever you live. 

  1. Pay Attention To Your Needs

Just getting a new kitchen island is not enough. Consider what you want in your kitchen. Do you need extra storage or a place to prepare your meals? Do you want a natural granite or quartz countertop? 

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When getting a new addition to your kitchen, pay close attention to your needs and lifestyle. After all, you will be using this space the most, so it should serve you well. 

  1. Consider Seating Arrangements 

Kitchen islands make a great informal dining space. So, in order to make it comfortable, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Plan for at least 24 inches of width per person. 

  • Make sure there is adequate legroom, with a clearance of 9 to 13 inches between legs and the bottom counter. 

  • Choose stools or chairs according to the height of your island. 

  1. Notice The Shape Of Your Kitchen 

Take a look at the shape of your kitchen. Not all kitchen islands are built the same way and each space is unique. So, if a traditional kitchen island doesn’t fit your kitchen, consider an oval, L or a T-shaped island instead. Get expert help to figure out a design that works best for you. There is a perfect kitchen island to be had in Mississauga, or wherever you live. You simply need to take the time to figure it out. 

  1. Pick The Right Material 

When designing your kitchen island, always pick durable materials. This includes selecting the countertop with care. Choose natural stones like marble or granite countertops for a timeless appeal. If you prefer quartz countertops, that too can be a great choice. Consider how you intend to use the space. Then weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the material you have picked. 

We hope this was useful. There is a kitchen island for everyone. Whenever you find yourself shopping for kitchen islands in Mississauga or wherever you are, it’s best to do your own research first. Knowledge will help you plan better and you will know what to expect going forward. Want to create your dream kitchen? Book a consultation with top kitchen renovators in Mississauga and get started right away. 

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