Apr 6, 2011

Nostalgia: Sibling’s Adventure

I have three elder brothers. With my third brother, Lusman, just two of us, we’ve ever made a trip to Bali and Lombok islands (Indonesia). My parents and the other brothers couldn’t accompany us that time. Since my parents gave us permission, we decided to still leave.

I was in my last year in lower secondary school; he was in second year high school. Lusman is a responsible brother; I can count on him. At that time, our family stayed in Surabaya city (East Java, Indonesia). By riding bus, we could reach Bali Island in about eight hours.

We didn’t face trouble while wandering Bali Island as we stayed in a guest house that belongs to the government institution that my father worked for. Moreover, the staffs there provided us with a car and a driver that ready to take us everywhere. Wow, what a nice privilege!

When we reached Lombok Island two days later; actually we visited a place that totally strange for us. There’s no privilege for us anymore. To visit Senggigi Beach, I remembered that we must ask some people how to get there. It’s not easy at all, as the local people there often gave confusing answers. We faced wrong direction several times!

It was already night when we arrived at Senggigi Beach area. Again, we had problems while looking for a place to spend the night. Many hotels around were already full. When at last we could get a nice place to rest that night, it’s really a big relief! We have walked far enough that day :)

In Lombok Island, we didn’t visit other place, only Senggigi Beach. Next day, on the way to Bus Station, we got lost again. My brother also forgot to bring the bag while he got off from the public vehicle. He must run very fast and screamed loudly to catch the vehicle and brought the bag back. I felt sorry for him; he looked so tired.

We took a deep breath when finally we could sit on the right bus that took us to Denpasar city. We continued the journey back home from Denpasar to Surabaya. It’s really a tired trip but unforgettable one!


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