Apr 30, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Our Happy Feet

Sunday, April 17th 2011, we traveled to Mount Pancar hot water baths (Babakan Madang, Sentul Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). We didn’t enjoy the journey as some parts of the road are really bad. He must drive very carefully!

Since we also took my father, we decided to rent a family room there. My father didn’t have to walk down through the steep stairs. To reach the free hot pool, there's no other way, you must walk through those stairs.Though it’s only for one hour, our feet were so happy that day! Our photo was captured by using automatic shoot; it told how I had the tense look on my face, hehehe. I asked my husband to hurry...

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Dhemz April 30, 2011  

oh ic, so this is how it looks like...very nice place...so serene!

Unknown April 30, 2011  

i wondered at first why you look a little different. haha :D i on the other hand find using automatic shutters exciting haha!
i imagine those hot water baths feel good at night.
thanks for joining us today for sweet saturday, Lina :D

Chubskulit Rose May 01, 2011  

Reminds me of the movie happy feet hehehe. Nice getaway Lina.

Our Sweet Saturday

January Zelene May 01, 2011  

it's worth the travel.. very nice place..

Hope you can visit my first entry for Sweet Saturday thanks :)

kim May 01, 2011  

oh, that was so sweet.. i wish we could also have that, lol!

Rechie May 07, 2011  
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