Apr 4, 2011

Lisianthus Flower

The Common names of Lisianthus are Prairie Gentian, Texas bluebell, Tulip gentian and Bluebells. Lisianthus bloom in summer from the upper leaf axils. Lisianthus are long-lasting flowers with four wide ruffled, delicate petals and oval leaves. Colors of Lisianthus include white, various shades of pink, lavender, deep purple, and bicolors such as blue-violet (source: theflowerexpert.com).

It’s another lovely flower that you can see at the green house inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia).

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toko bunga April 04, 2011  

lisianthus flower has always been a dream from time to time. This flower is very beautiful and durable making it suitable for the decoration of office space or your living room decor.

MinnieRunner April 04, 2011  

I love that color combination Lina :) That is the very first flower that my angel gave me.

BTW, read about a news regarding an earthquake over your country. Hope all is well with you.

Dhemz April 04, 2011  

very nice...I like it!

eileeninmd April 05, 2011  

Gorgeous flowers, Lina!

eileeninmd April 05, 2011  

Gorgeous flowers, Lina!

eden April 05, 2011  

Lovely bloom

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