Apr 13, 2011

Why Women Cheat?

Have you known a surprising result of a recent infidelity study by Coffee and Company, a British marriage bureau? Of the 3000 participants, almost 20 percent of women admitted to cheating. theAskMen.com also held two surveys: “Great Male Survey 2010” and “Great Female Survey 2010”. Both surveys mentioned that 5 percent of women cheated on their partner while less than 3 percent of men admit to it.

All those surveys told us that there’s an increasing of cheating women nowadays. I prefer not to believe the result totally, I prefer to assume it as occasionally thing. We can’t generalize all women only based on the study and the surveys within limited participants.

But I admit that there are unfaithful women out there. Why a woman cheats? Here are some of the reasons:

Seeking Revenge

If the woman is being cheated, she may go cheat for revenge. Women feel cheating is a way to even the score.

Increasing Ego

Cheating often occurs in relationships where a woman feels unloved, underappreciated or even ignored. She becomes very vulnerable and seeks for another love from the other man who can makes her special and desired.

Finding a Love Connection

A woman who doesn’t love her husband anymore will tend to cheat. You can ask yourselves: are you with your spouse are lovers or just roommates? That’s why it’s important to regenerate the romance in your marriage regularly! Remember that a fight-free marriage isn’t always a stronger marriage.

Boring with Their Sex Life

Feeling Lonely

If a woman feels that there’s no longer in common between her and her husband; she may get into an emotional affair with someone who have similar interests.

Want to Get Caught

The affair is a way for her to finish the marriage. It’s also called exit affair. She wants her husband to leave her. A husband who has been cheated is more possible to end his marriage than forgiving the cheating wife.

Reliving the Past

Relapsing to her youth makes a woman feels alive again, younger, sexier and more attractive. This woman chooses to have an affair with the man in her past.

For Adventure

A woman in a boring marriage is easy victim for the ‘bad boy’ type.

A happily married woman who has a good relationship with her husband will not cheat. If you have problems with your spouse, fix it! Don’t think to search for another love from another man. If all husbands are loving, caring, attentive and cooperative; I think there won’t be anymore cheating wives!

rewrite source:ivillage.com

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Advan Angkasa April 14, 2011  

I believe that the key element in the relationship between women and men is mutual respect, if that's on hold dear, everything will be fine because it will be the main stronghold they have to ponder it. But if mutual respect is not there anymore, then the relationship to both be in danger of collapse.


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